According to SGP News Dept., in the 6th week of Iran 1st division football league , Gitipasand met Kheybar team from Khoram Abad city on Wednesday ,September 16th .
In recent weeks, Gitipasand could show a better performance comparing with the preliminary weeks and on Wednesday ,the team was well motivated to win Vs. Kheybar team .
But in minute, Gitipasand got surprised after receiving a goal ,scored by Ghaed Rahmati from rival team .
The first half finished 1-0 in favor of Kheybar and in the second half ,Gitipasand could only score one goal in minute 17 ,till at the end ,this match finished 1-1.
Unfortunately ,despite all of good opportunities that Gitipasand had , The referees' acts leaded to this draw result which wasn't favorable for any parties .