According to SGP News Dept. , Following the incidents happened in the 7th week of Iran Futsal Premier league between Gitipasand and Mansoori team which started from the moments team's bus arrived in Haft-e-Tir stadium till some minutes after finishing the match, Gitipsand club prepared an official complaint along with documentation against Qarchak team and this club is following this case through relevant judicial authorities .
Insulting Gitipasand players specially those who were transferred to some foreign teams for AFC Futsal club Championship , throwing water bottles into the pitch , beating the players after the match which leaded to some injuries , and insulting the referees were some of the mal behaviors done by opponents' spectators and affected the result of this match significantly .
Mr.Reza Eftekhari , Chairman of Futsal Committee expressed his dissatisfaction for the incidents happened in Qarchak .
It's notable that one of the reporters of Iran Futsal News Agency got hurt by the spectators of Mansoori team while he was filming.