According to SGP News Dept., today ,Gitipasand is going to meet Farsh Ara team in Mashahd at 18h .
Sowing a better performance in recent weeks comparing with the primary weeks of the league, Gitipasand team is highly motivated to defeat all of its rivals in the remaining games of the first half to improve its place in league standings.
On the other side of the pitch, Farsh Ara team which is on 12th place of league standings is trying to escape from bottom of the table and improve its position.
Khorakchi's players showed a brilliant play in front of Tasisat daryayi _holder of Champion title of AFC Futsal Club Championship 2015 and Iran Futsal premier League 2014 – and with a better esprit departed Isfahan to Mashahd .
Gitipasand needs 3 points to advance to the first place of the table and has a look at the performance of its serious rivals ,Mes Songon and Tasisat Daryaei .
Fortunately, this week ,two national team players of the team are recovered and Lucas – recently joined Brazilian player – is going to help the team .
We hope ,the team could repeat the winning result .