According to SGP News Dept., in the 7th week of Iran Futsal Premier League, Mansoori Qarchak and Gitipasand club met each other in Qarchak .
Playing a beautiful match, both parties ended the game with a draw of 6 – 6 .
The first half of the game finished 0-3 in favor of host the host team but in the second half, performing a great defensive play, Gitipasand players could score 6 goals .
While everyone in the salon assumed the match finished, some spectators of Mansoori team started to throw water bottles into the pitch and their mal behaviors caused several pauses in remaining time .Mansoori team took advantage of these pauses for regaining energy and scored 3 more goal till at the end this game finished by a result of 6-6 .
Gitipasand goals were scored by Saeid Taghizadeh , Saeid Afshar , Mahdi Javid ( 3 goals ) and Mehran Alighadr .
Mohammad Taheri ( 3 goals ) , Ali Kiaei , Majid Latifi , and Masoud Mohammadi scored the goals of Mansoori Qarchak team .