According to SGP News Dept. , in the second week of Iran Football 1st Division League , Gitipasand faced Gol Gohar Sirjan in Isfahan Ararat Stadium .
This boring match finished by a goalless draw result which wasn't satisfying for any parties .
Vahik Torosian , - Gitipasand head coach - in a post-match interview said : " It was a hard match but teams conditions in the primary weeks of the league , don't show their real ability or weakness ."
"Due to late start of preparation trainings ,the players haven't reached to their full readiness and in today's match they had encountered physical weaknesses .Any way , I'm satisfied with them and I'm sure we are improving in next matches " ,Mentioning the performance of his players in the match , Torosian added .
In the third week of 1st division league ,Gitipasand is going to meet Shahrdari Ardebil next week in Ardebil and the team is preparing itself for this match .